Friday, October 31, 2008

Yep, It's official, our craziness is rubbing off on our kids!

For those of you who know me well, you will be SHOCKED to hear that I forgot Nathan's lunch box at home in the fridge for Kid's Day Out on Wednesday morning. So, rather than going all the way home (again), I ran by Target to grab him a Bologna and Cheese Lunchable. Said lunchable is a favorite of my five year old Nick.. and since he was with me for this excursion (and because he begged and pleaded), I got him a box as well.

On the way back to Nathan's school, while sitting in the backseat of the car, Nick proceeded to have a conversation with his beloved Lunchable Box....(insert expression of huh? here....)....I think he was just so excited that I bought it for him that he decided he better make sure it was real. After telling the box about his morning, how he slept last night, what he was going to do that day, introducing the box to his baby brother, and giving the box a couple of smooches, he must have gotten angry at the box for being unresponsive, because he said something to the lunchable that I didn't approve of.
OK, so here is our conversation:

Me: Nick that is not a nice thing to say, please don't say those words any more.

Nick: I'm only saying it to the Lunchable, it won't tell anybody.

Me: I know the Lunchable can't talk or tell on you, but it isn't good to get in the habit of saying those words because you might say it somewhere that it is inappropriate. Why don't we practice kind words instead. (At this point I'm did my life get to the point that I am discussing what to say or not to say to a Lunchable Box)

Nick: Well Mom, you are in the habit of saying some bad stuff too! Maybe you should practice not saying those things.....

Me: (nervously) Oh ya, Nick what bad thing do I say?....

Nick: Well mom, you ALWAYS say,"Go to time out, Mister!" You really need to practice not saying that one and try using kind words.

Me: (Thinking: Phew! dodged that bullet!), but then I of course I carried on for several minutes with a lecture on talking back, and bad words, etc etc..and then ended with this brilliant comeback to my five year old..... Nicholas, I will get out of the habit of saying those words when you get out of the habit of doing things that would cause me to say them! (HA got you, ya little Kindergartner!) I think I may have lost him at some point during this lecture because he went back to talking to his box and missed my whole brilliant closing statement.

So...I suppose you want a moral to this story???
Don't forget your three year olds lunch and you won't have to buy your five year old a lunchable!


Misty said...

Gosh, Liz, you just gonna keep us hangin?? Ya know we gotta know what he said to the box!! *smiles Kids are so CUTE!!!

Mel said...

So hilarious!