Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

It is amazing how fast the week goes! Seems like I just did this..... I am always so amazed how many things I am able to be thankful for...thanks be to God!

** I am thankful that my dad was able to take Nick on his pumpkin patch field trip today! Nick was SOOOO excited and proud that his Papa was going with him.

** I am going to be thankful in advance (wishful thinking) that Alex stops throwing up before noon today!...and on that note of positive thinking...... since I am a little queasy, I am thankful that it is only in my mind and that I WILL NOT throw up....i hate throwing up...!!!

** I am thankful that the Sooners had another victory this week and that I got to watch the game with my brother, SIL, and niece and nephew.

** I am thankful I was able to go with a new friend to The Women's Ministry Fall Forum at church on Saturday to see Kathy Law. Kathy is a Christian comedian who is incredibly inspiring and hilarious at the same time. She has inspired me to look at prayer in a new way!

** I am thankful for the warm weather...mid 70's in October! Sorry to my friends in Nebraska....but I am giddy with joy to be looking forward to an Okie winter instead of a Nebraska one!

** I am thankful for my friends...old and new...they illuminate my life with unceasing love and joy.

** I am thankful for my brothers... each so unique and amazing.

** I am thankful for my mom who is bone tired from purposing her life to help disabled children, but still finds the energy to spend every waking moment completely dedicated to her husband, children, and grandchildren....rarely missing a single event in any of their lives...including the little ones!

* I am thankful for my husband for being whole-heartedly committed to his family.

** I am thankful that the Lord led me to MckMama's blog because yesterday when her little boy was born ALIVE and with few problems I got to witness a modern day miracle!

****Lord, I am thankful for the joy I receive as I walk hand and hand with You each day.
I am thankful for Jesus, our matchless Savior and for the forgiveness of my sins by His blood.


Maggie said...

Such a great post!! =)

Mel said...

I love that you do this every week. It has reminded me to take time out to be thankful as well! Mel

Shauna said...

Your boys are adorable! I love your blog! Thanks for sharing :)