Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lesson Learned

Ok, Ok....no matter how much I want to celebrate every moment with each of my children, I am coming to the conclusion that it won't always be feasible. For instance, last night when it was 25 degrees and raining (maybe a little exxageration, but it was really cold!) I probably should have skipped Alex's football game. I should have stayed in the warmth of our home with Nick, Nathan, and Brian and sent Nima and Alex out into the storm alone to play the game. I should have, but I didn't. I didn't because I don't want to miss a moment watching my children grow up. I want to be at every game, every field trip, every school event....every thing. We always tell our boys that we want them to have a big family because they get to have built in best friends. Nothing could be better than the unconditional love of a brother (or sister), but unfortunately, as they are learning, it sometimes comes with sacrafices. Sometimes we can't focus solely on each of them and have to focus on one. Sometimes only Daddy is at their game, and sometimes only Mommy and sometimes Gramma or Papa. It is so hard for me to come to peace with the fact that I can't be there for each of them every minute of every day.....but when they are grown and have their own families I hope they know that I always have and always will love them every minute of every day.

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