Sunday, May 31, 2009

A month (or so) in review

Alternately titled: More pictures than you ever wanted to see of my family!

Since my last post we have had:
61 baseball and soccer games
I can't even count the practices.....I'm thinking they are somewhere in the 70's...
2 school plays
1 school muscial
2 mother's day teas
endless...I mean ENDLESS rain..
1 birthday party at our house~ Nick turned 6!
1 bridal shower thrown at our house
1 school field trip
1 school picnic
1 kindergarten graduation
1 neighborhood bike parade and pool party
and countless other things I can't think of right now (because I'm pregnant ☺)

But we sure have had a lot of fun!

Now you all get to partake in endless scrolling through my photos! Enjoy!
Playing baseball in the backyard.

A very rare photo of the hubs and me

Nick superstar baseball player

Brian LOVES baseball and wears his helmet most of the time
notice " trouble" is coming at ya backwards!
Alex soccer~#13

Nick's birthday celebration during chapel at school
Nick's baseball birthday party....
all the boys came over and played baseball games in our backyard.....

Nick's cake!

Nick's soccer team.....Daddy was the coach

Touring our hometown with Flat Stanley (ya know from the book)...we had to go all over town and take pictures of Alex with him and write a report.
This is at Gramma and Papa's house fishing
Alex and Flat Stanley at our church
Alex and Flat Stanley with the weird hippo thing

Flat Stanley and the boys at Billy Sim's BBQ....
Heisman trophy winner Billy Sims with Flat Stanley.....or at least a giant bobble head Billy...☺

After one of our very many big rains.....this the "dry" creek in our backyard.
Hunting for frogs and snakes...boys are yucky! ☺
More pics of our "dry" creekbed ~~ and yes the color of the water is accurate.....gotta love Oklahoma red dirt!!!!

Watching a movie in the playroom cause of all the rain!

Field trip to "Orr Family Farm" ~Nick

Three Piggy Opera...Nick played Papa Pig and had a huge speaking part...he did great!

Nick's Kindergarten Graduation!

At the Mother's Day Tea---singing a silly song to the moms

My beautiful SIL's Bridal Shower

Alex's spring play...he played Cuthbert the turtle......My DH and I made the costume together

Neighborhood bike parade

Memorial Day Swim Party and games at the neighborhood pool

3 legged race...nathan and his buddy
More 3 legged race ---look at those bony boys!

Wheelbarrow race~Alex is sizing up his competition

More of Alex's soccer games.....this was a soccer tournament