Monday, March 30, 2009

I ♥ Faces

Week 12 theme: "Pouting"

Poor little Nathan wasn't feeling well ~he had the stomach flu....this was the happiest face he could muster...ahhh poor little peanut!
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Zoo Trip and some other stuff

We took a little field trip to the OKC Zoo over spring was FREEZING, but we still enjoyed our time there...They had a new dinosaur exhibit that the boys thought was really cool...and I really loved it because it was inside and a little are some photos from that day... Alex wanted me to take a picture of EVERY animal we I added a couple animal pics in honor of him. :) It's a good thing my camera hold a lot of photos...I had about 100 random animal pics on my camera! ☺


I'm really starting to nest....I've been making curtains and picking out paint colors for every room in the house.....everyone just loves it when I nest because they all get to participate! HA! My mom has been making curtains for me too and I can't wait for Prince Charming's ankle to be well enough to do some painting for me....aren't they lucky????? ☺


Here are some pictures of the goofball playing in his tent....I couldn't capture how funny it was with these photos (probably because I was cracking up)...He kept sticking his head out of the tent and then laughing hysterically at himself and rolling back into the tent in one of those cute baby belly laughs. I just love this boy!

I've got a doc appt. this week where I assume I will schedule the BIG ultrasound.....I'll keep y'all updated! Getting excited! Have a great day!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

3rd folder
1st picture with the color BROWN

This was Thanksgiving 2 years ago...the boys were breaking the wishbone, but they wouldn't let us dry it out and it was all rubbery....I don't think it actually ever split it in two....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Ultrasound 13 weeks...looking like a baby now!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm a Flybaby and some random stuff

I have offically become obsessed with ...I am what she calls a flybaby.... Check it out if you need someone to help you to take control of your home.....and so that you can have people over to your house at any time!---this is not an advertisement...I am just really enjoying this obesession. :)

I have also offically entered my second trimester...and thus I have more energy and I might be nesting just a little bit. :)

These two things have contributed to where I am these cleaning cleaning! I'd rather be decorating, but cleaning will do for now.

It's spring break here where we live. My two big boys have gone to Colorado with their cousins to ski/snowboard. Prince Charming and I ski---well I ski, he snowboards...but with his injury and my obvious growing belly, the boys had to be adopted by their aunt and uncle for the week. It's really strange being a family of 4....the little boys are loving all the attention.

Prince Charming worked in the yard most of the day preparing the flower beds for planting...which we will do in a couple of weeks...our yard is pretty barren since we just moved in last August...we are really excited about putting some of our personality into the yard and enjoying it this spring and summer.

Here are a few photos of my little walker...he's been walking for a little while now, but he is finally getting good at it and choosing to walk all the time now....he's just so cute...don't ya think?

Kicking a ball....Future soccer Star!
Throwing and walking...
Where are you going sweet boy?

And are a few photos of my little chicken....Alex's school had their first grade program a couple of weeks ago....It was called "A Barnyard Moosical"...His class was a bunch of chickens....all of the first graders sang a bunch of songs and each class went on stage and did a dance.....he was HILARIOUS and really got into it.....

Boogie down Bro!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Please, please pray for this family

Sweet Kim is one of my sorority sisters...she is a couple of years younger than me and I didn't know her very well when we were in school, but through a mutual friend I started reading her blog about a year ago. After reading for a short time, it made me wish I had worked harder to get to know her in college. I am just in awe of her strength, her faith, her compassion for others and her grace. This amazing woman has endured more in the last few years than any person should ever have to, and she has done it with an unwaivering faith. Her life is an inspiration to everyone who knows her. After giving birth to a healthy daughter, she has buried two babies, adopted a son and was in the process of adopting a daughter. The baby was born last weekend, and she had her home for only a few hours when the birthmom changed her mind.....She is feeling broken and hopeless and is in dire need of prayers. Please find a few moments to pray for Kim and her husband and for ALL of their children and stop by her inspiring blog and leave some words of encouragement for her . She is also asking for prayers for the birthmom and baby Tess.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

And I thought I was tired...

I keep wondering when I am going to be reintroduced to the energetic, multi-tasking, always moving, always looking for the next fun thing to do with my kids version of myself.....

But right now I am the SLEEPY, nauseous, dragging, version who keeps wondering if it is possible for your brain to actually explode out of your right eye, or if that is just what it feels like when you have an awful hormone induced headache that won't go away with Tylenol....

Yes I am tired....but I'm not complaining....I'm so happy to have this new little life growing inside me and some silly nausea and a few measly brain blowing out of your right eye headaches are not gonna deter me from reveling in the awe of my sweet little miracle peanut.

Yep, I'm tired.....but maybe not quite as tired as this boy who I found sleeping on the stairs.....

AND, No, he is not naked....

Really, he's just looks that way......let me explain....

He came to me the other night and said he was "completely exhausted" (yes he has a large vocabulary for a three year old~or maybe he's heard me say that a few times in the last couple of months~ I'm going with "He's a genius")...Anyway, I told him to strip down to his undies (laundry room is downstairs---hopefully that is self-explantory) and to go upstairs and put his jammies on and I would be up in a minute to tuck him in....

Well, you see, the boys have been teasing each other lately with the AWESOME little rhyme, "I see London I see France I see (fill in name here's) underpants." (Darn public school :).. It's amazing how self-conscious one little silly rhyme can make a three year old boy....So, there was NO WAY Nathan was gonna risk going all the way through the first floor, up the stairs. and into his room without being seen and teased by an older brother.....So he wrapped himself in a blanket and headed off on his journey to his jammies....

Since the normal routine is for him to show back up downstairs within 5 minutes after putting on his jammies to ask if he can sleep in our bed, after about 10 minutes I went looking for him.....and a sweet, half naked, sleeping on the stairs little three year old is what I found!

NOW THAT is one tired little boy....since I distinctly remember not hearing any thumps down the stairs I feel pretty safe he didn't fall...I guess he just decided he had gone far enough and needed some ZZZZZZ's then and there!

The sad thing is I contemplated for more than half a second curling up next to him for a little nap rather than having to lug him up the stairs...but I didn't....or did I????