Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm a Flybaby and some random stuff

I have offically become obsessed with ...I am what she calls a flybaby.... Check it out if you need someone to help you to take control of your home.....and so that you can have people over to your house at any time!---this is not an advertisement...I am just really enjoying this obesession. :)

I have also offically entered my second trimester...and thus I have more energy and I might be nesting just a little bit. :)

These two things have contributed to where I am these cleaning cleaning! I'd rather be decorating, but cleaning will do for now.

It's spring break here where we live. My two big boys have gone to Colorado with their cousins to ski/snowboard. Prince Charming and I ski---well I ski, he snowboards...but with his injury and my obvious growing belly, the boys had to be adopted by their aunt and uncle for the week. It's really strange being a family of 4....the little boys are loving all the attention.

Prince Charming worked in the yard most of the day preparing the flower beds for planting...which we will do in a couple of weeks...our yard is pretty barren since we just moved in last August...we are really excited about putting some of our personality into the yard and enjoying it this spring and summer.

Here are a few photos of my little walker...he's been walking for a little while now, but he is finally getting good at it and choosing to walk all the time now....he's just so cute...don't ya think?

Kicking a ball....Future soccer Star!
Throwing and walking...
Where are you going sweet boy?

And are a few photos of my little chicken....Alex's school had their first grade program a couple of weeks ago....It was called "A Barnyard Moosical"...His class was a bunch of chickens....all of the first graders sang a bunch of songs and each class went on stage and did a dance.....he was HILARIOUS and really got into it.....

Boogie down Bro!


Following Him said...

SWEET handsome boys you have. I most certainly will have to check out Flylady. I crave organization so it is right up my alley. YAY for the 2nd trimester and energy!

He And Me + 3 said...

Oh yes, I remember the second trimester. Big fun. Lots of energy and cleaning went on over here too.
Love all the pictures. I love it when the first start to fun!
Cute chicken you have too. We love theater programs. How cool!

Meme said...

Laughing so hard I want to cry, these pictures are so precious! And the time goes too fast. Did you watch any basketball this weekend? It is a great excuse to rest, go Duke!:)

CallansMama said...

Great pics! Sounds like you are busy and enjoying it!

Mel said...

Super cute and hope you are feeling okay!

Melinda said...

All of your photos are just darling! Have a wonderfully relaxing stay-cation without all the boys. You are sure to get a ton of "nesting" done with the house almost completely empty : )

heidi said...

Enjoy your smaller family while it it lasts. :-) Hope the bigger boys have fun. Cute pics of the boys! I can NOT do flylady. She overwhelms me.

Jen said...

I'm glad that things are going well with you. Enjoy your time with out the big boys. I bet it sure does feel different without them being home.

Glad you are starting to feel better as well.

Have fun outside in your yard. and As always...the pictures are just too cute!!

steffenboysmom said...

Looks like it's getting warmer where you are too! I'm so excited!

I love the cute pics of your guys! Reading about all you younger mom's brings back lots of memories for me ( but makes me appreciate where my boys are now too!)

Elaine A. said...

Your little walker is so cute, as is your chicken! : )

I can't wait to plant some flowers. I think the boys and I will go get some tomorrow.

And yay for the 2nd trimester. I can't wait to be there soon myself!!

Tim said...

You boys are just the cutest most handsome I have ever seen!

Make sure you stop in the Fort. There is an award there for ya!

Love and Prayers,


4funboys said...

how cute!!!

Not sure about soccer... looks like a baseball player to me for sure! Check out that arm