Thursday, October 16, 2008

Krazy Kickstand Krawling

Krazy Krawl from the back view..........

What is Krazy Kickstand Krawling you ask? That's the name we have decided upon for how Brian is crawling these days. He started out using an army crawl. He could go really fast, especially on the wood floors...just slid that fat little belly along the ground using ONLY his left foot. Now that fall is here and the floors are getting colder, he's decided army crawling is not so good on the fat little belly(BRRR). Consequently, he has come up with a new crawl all his own. He has gotten his fat little belly up off the ground by using his two hands, his right knee and his left foot which he sticks out to the side (like a kickstand, hence the name.) He still ONLY uses his left foot to push himself along and is much slower than before, but at least he is nice and warm (at least his fat little belly is!!) My only issue is I don't have my built in dry mop anymore. It was great letting him roam around the house cleaning the floor with his shirt. HA :-) (Maybe I can teach him to do windows?)

and a side view....isn't he cute!

Can't wait to see how he uses ONLY his left foot to walk!!!

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