Wednesday, October 8, 2008

naming the baby

I am not pregnant, however, with the amount of baby talk around our house you would think I was. Lately, the discussion has been around what we will name the next baby. Since I am adhement that the next one will be a girl, when Alex asked if he could name the next baby boy, I said SURE! He has taken this task very seriously... He suggests names daily. Today it was Darren and Josh and an old man at the barber shop who's name he doesn't actually know. To fully illustrate his depth of thought on the subject let, me relay a conversation we had today on the way to get Sonic for dinner.

Alex: Mom, what do you think about the name Darren?
Me: It's ok, but doesn't really fit with all your names.
Alex: Well what about Josh.
Me: That's a nice name.
Alex: ya know mom the other day when I went with dad to the barber shop I saw this really old man, I bet you would like his name (this comment is in reference to an earlier discussion where I told him I liked "old-fashioned names"---apparently to him that means "old man names."
Me: Oh ya, did you ask him what his name is?
Alex: No mom, but you would really like it cause he was really old, I mean he was so old he was hobbling around on a messed up leg...he could barely walk.
Me: You're right I probably would like it if I knew the name.
Alex: Yep you would...he was so old he didn't really have any hair. (pause--along with a puzzled look on his face) I don't know why he was getting his haircut anyway.
Me: Maybe he just wanted the company of the barber.
Alex: Ya I guess old guys have to talk to anybody they can.

So, alright when we come up with a name for this imaginary baby I'll post it!

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SoonerNima said...

oh my gosh...i'm crying with laughter right now....

good to know that a father and son have MUCH different discussions than a mother and son...

i love you...nice BLOG...loser