Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nathan is Fwee (three)!

boy number 3 is 3!

3+3=6 (number of "blows" it took for Nathan to extinguish his candles---mind you there were only 3 candles on the cake!)
3x3=9 (the number of presents Nathan got so excited about that he did some kind of dance and let out a girlish squeal)

Ok, I guess that math doesn't really work....all I know is that my sweet little baby no longer wants to be lumped with the babies--(Nathan and Brian) and wants to be one of the BIG boys (Alex and Nick)...just because he is fwee. (that is "three" for those of us that can pronounce our th's and our r's). Today, he announced to his teacher that he can't be a baby anymore cause he had a rockstar birthday party, and that he shouldn't have to take naps at school....shortly thereafter he fell asleep for an hour. What a fun age....battling between wanting to be a baby and wanting to be a big kid...can't you just stay a baby a little longer????? pleeeease?? for mommy! I love you Nathan!

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molly said...

What a great blog. I have really missed you guys, now I can keep up with your crew. Take care and I will talk to you soon. Tell Nathan Happy Birthday! Love and miss you!