Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday! again!

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Well it's Monday again! Wow it came fast.... If you'll remember from last Monday, I read a blog called My Charming Kids. MckMama is the author and is an amazing woman, pregnant with her fourth child who has a heart disorder (AND her oldest is 3--you do the math!) Head on over to her blog to read her incredible story of love and faith in the face of such great adversity, and while you're at it send up a prayer for her and her family.

So, every week she does something called "Not Me Monday" where all of us moms write about our lives in a brutally honest way under the guise of "not me!"....this is my second here ya go!

*Not one time this last week did i tell my kids, "Just a minute." and then not actually help them in a minute....nope, I did what they asked the first time (and immediately) -----because they are extremely polite and always say please and thank-you!
This is evidenced by the fact that my 3 year old does NOT say, "Just a minute" to almost everything I ask him.

*Not one time this last week did my kids eat corn dogs, or macaroni and cheese, or chicken noodle soup for dinner. NOPE....because I ALWAYS cook from scratch a completely nutritious meal!

*It was fall break for us this last week (kids off for 5 days)....and not one time during my wonderful time with the boys did I look at my big jet tub and think...."Man I would give anything to be in there reading a magazine and sipping a glass of wine while being surrounded by bubbles"

*Not one time this last week have I teased my husband about getting OLD....(he turns 36 tomorrow) and of course I did not point out the ever enlarging number of gray hairs he is now growing on his chin! No way...cause that would just be mean!

*I certainly do not still have any loads of laundry to do (from last week)...because I did it last week!

'til next week...that's it for "Not Me Monday"

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SoonerNima said...

i hope this type of activity makes you feel better... :)

so anyhow, i will see ya and all the gray whiskers on my chin!