Monday, November 3, 2008

Not Me Monday!

This week everything has changed over at MckMama's site. Baby Stellan is here!....and we now get to refer to him as MckMiracle. Wow! The whole story is an awesome testimony of God's love. Check out her blog to see the details of his birth and to see his sweet little face.

Without further ado:

No matter what anyone tells you

* I did not "lightly" punch my husband in the stomach while he and Nick were standing in the pantry putting groceries away and he made the comment..."Look Nick I bought a big can of spaghetti, now mom can make dinner!"

* I did not laugh hysterically when my 7 year old walked by with a candy cigarette hanging off his lips, and then have to have a serious talk about the dangers of cigarettes later. Who the heck hands out candy cigarettes for Halloween anyway? I say that one is not my fault!

* I did not allow my 10 month old to chew on the "lid" of the jack-o-lantern to keep him happy in the attempt to get a cute picture during the rare minutes he put it down....that would just be gross!

* I did not jump for joy when Texas Tech beat Texas on Saturday.....even though they are our rivals it is never nice to cheer for another teams demise and I would never do that----HA, Whatever ----Texas Sucks!

* At the game on Saturday when the Nebraska fan dressed in red and white striped overalls, wearing a clown wig and clown nose emblazoned with a NU on it, was spouting weird and obnoxious things while sitting behind my 7 year old, I did not secretly want to punch him in the clown nose.....Nope I would never inflict violence on another person (don't listen to my husband), because he is a human being no matter how strange it is to come to a game dressed like that.

* Before I cut my 5 year olds fingernails, I had not been so neglectful of his hygiene that his fingernails were just disgusting... I must have cut somebody else's twice this week and forgotten his....OOPS....

* I don't have any laundry from last week because I did it last week......I just love that one...can ya tell?


Maggie said...

My husband and I were just talking about those awful candy cigarettes the other day, thinking they didn't make them anymore. And your kids actually got them when they went Trick or Treating?! Too funny!! I'm with you, WHO INVENTED THOSE THINGS?!

Misty said...

I don't care to much for violence ither but the guy was asking for attention....Ok, so maybe you don't punch him!! Have him hold the 10mth old and let him do it!!! *smiles

Anonymous said...

Boomer Sooner....couldn't agree more...Texas Sucks!