Sunday, November 9, 2008

ME-----through the years.....

UPDATE: I just had to add a few of Prince Charming....TEE HEE!!!! Sorry Honey!

Misty at led me to

These totally crack me up.....and what really freaks me out is how much some of the old pictures look like my mom...
and the1994 picture...umm kinda familiar--don't look at my sophomore pic in high's almost exactly my hair--just a little darker.
Gotta love the much hairspray did we use?? TeeHee

1964--WOW! lovely

1974--the year I was hair almost looks like that now...I guess what goes around comes around! 1994 tease tease tease..spraaaay, tease tease tease...spraaaay

1952 Hi mom....whoa ---I mean seriously it's freaky!

1982 --this is by far my favorite...How the heck did they do that with their hair? I think I look pretty good..maybe I could use a new Do...what do ya'll think should I print this one out and take it to my hairdresser?


CallansMama said...

LOL I came across that site awhile ago and played on there. Strange, but cool!

Baseballs and Tutu's said...

I just love those....hilarious!

I left you an award over at my blog..go check it out :)

Kimber said...

I'm going to have to try this.

Misty said...

I had alot of fun with these today. I noticed a few of them came out looking alot like my yearbook pics..the 90's!

Mom said...

Glad to know where these came would I know there was a site!!!! Too funny.
Your hair in 1964 looks exactly like my hair in my high school graduation picture!