Sunday, November 2, 2008

Knives and Guts

I'm willing to bet that title got your attention!

That was actually my answer to this question posed by Prince Charming the other day......

Honey, don't you want to help carve the pumpkins?
ummm, nope sweetheart, I'm out on the whole knives and guts thing (pumpkin guts, that is).

In fact, I'm out on anything really gross. My family is still amazed I can change a diaper without gagging....which is why I keep trying the "you smelt it you change it trick" with my husband....although when you confess that trick on "Not Me Monday" it doesn't work quite as well! I've been a gagger my whole life, just ask my mom! Since she knew this information, you'd think she would have guided me in another direction when I announced my freshman year of college I wanted to be a nurse....that's a whole other story though....

What I am in on is taking pictures of my handsome boys LOVING to play with gross stuff....(and knives apparently)

Here are some pictures of our Knives and Guts Party....ahem... I mean Pumpkin Carving Adventures!

This picture is in fact the BEST one we got of the four boys does not bode well for the Christmas Portrait! Nathan looks like he is growling..grrrrrr! and all Brian wants to do is eat the lid to his pumpkin!

ohhhh...but these are yummy of my sweet little pumpkin pies!

and here are the GUTS! YUCK!


Maggie said...

Love those pictures!! They did a great job!! =)

Kimber said...

Thanks so much for the award!! I love the photos, your boys are so cute.

Mel said...

Those boys are tremendously handsome! They are going to be beating off the girls with stick, Mom...Maybe even my girls :)! Mel