Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Got An Award!

Thanks to Hayley ( for giving me a Blogger Award. I have to say that I love that people are reading my blog and enjoying my ramblings, however, I love blogging because it allows me to chronicle my life at a time when things are so CRAZY. I am afraid I will forget the "little things" that make this time of my life so great. By writing it all down I will be able to look back in 10, 20, 30, 40 years and laugh and cry about all the amazing happenings in my life when my kids were little and things were the best! At the end of each year I will have my blog printed by, so that I can keep these ramblings for my kids to read when they are grown!

So, I will accept the award with gratitude and then pass on the award to some other blogs that I love!

For those of you I am giving the award to here are "The Rules"
1. Name 5 things that you love.
2. Pass along the award to the blogs you love.
3. Please link back to my blog.

Five Things I Love:
1. God
2. My Family
3. My Friends
4. OU Football
5. My TV Shows

....and the winners are:


CallansMama said...

You're very welcome! I enjoy your blog. That is so cool about printing your blog at the end of year! What a great idea! And what a great memory for your kids, and someday grandkids! How cool is that?

Maggie said...

I have the same yearly blog book plan in mind for my blog, too! Thank you so much for the blog award!! =)

4under3 said...

Ohhh! Thanks for delurking. I remember you. You are darling. And you remind me of a friend of mine. That's how your profile picture rings a bell.

Thanks so much for the award! I'm honored!