Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who Dat?

Alex's football team ended up in 4th place. 1st place through 4th place got trophy's....Needless to say the boys were VERY excited!!! They had a party to celebrate their season and accomplishments!
Yay Saints!!

Alex #2...(closest on the right)


I'm so excited for Thanksgiving week! It is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. My kids are out of school on Wednesday, and it's just enough time to enjoy them and not so much time that they will all be fighting! :)
I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year. I love to entertain...I have become much less stressed about it over time. Perfection used to be my I've decided that I'm too busy raising my kids to be the ideal mother/wife/hostess. :)
The Hubs Gramma is in the country and will be here for Thanksgiving day...My baby brother and his girlfriend are flying in from Rhode Island, and we can't wait to see them! Plus we are getting to see relatives on my dad's side of the family we haven't seen in Years! It's going to be a WONDERFUL week....

PLUS...bedlam football is on Saturday....
Boomer Sooner


The hubs and I are going to try to do some remodeling in our laundry room over the next couple of weeks. We need a better system for the kids bags/coats/lunchboxes, etc. than we currently have now. I have gotten some inspiration from some other blogs and I'll take some before/during and after pictures so you can see....I'm so excited!


I think potty training is DONE!! Brian is doing accidents in 3 days!!!! woot woot....not even wet in the morning...Brian ROCKS!!!


Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

Congrats to Alex's team, I know that excited him!!! I am so excited about Thanksgiving too, y'all seem to have some exciting times coming up! Can't wait to see pics of your laundry room remodel :) And GO Brian, I know that makes you a happy Momma!

Kelly said...

Congratulations to your son!
I will be hosting Thansgiving here too! Are you guys going to Bedlam? We will be there..but we root for the other side ;)