Monday, November 15, 2010

Halfway there.....

Happy Monday!

This blogging every day things has been a challenge, but I have made it halfway through the month of Na Blo Po Mo and haven't missed a day!!! It's been great getting back in touch with my blog and keeping up with some of my bloggy friends!

TMI warning: (skip this part if you don't want to read about potty stuff)

We are in the process of potty training #4.....halfway there with that too :) He has become consistent with #1, but #2 is a whole 'nother story!....He has gone a couple of times in the potty and once he even went and sat on it by himself and pooped (but he was naked at the time, and we think that is why)...but more times than not, he is going in his underwear......
Any ideas as to how to encourage the #2 thing??....We have never really had one that went past a couple of days before getting the WHOLE idea, (as a matter of fact, Nathan pooped consistently before pee)...anyway, any ideas would be fab....
sorry that was way too much info....but you were warned! :)---and hey, I did spare you any pictures! HA


Alex and Nick had their football playoffs last week....Nick's team got second place, and Alex's team lost in the semi-finals.....Alex was a little disappointed (more that the season was over than anything else)....and Nick got a he was THRILLED!!!...Now it's on to basketball!
Sweet Nick!

Alex #2


The hubby and I got to go to Parent teacher conferences last week....We feel so blessed to have three AMAZING teachers instructing our children this year.....Each one of them has such special gifts...I think we were most pleased by how well each of the teachers knew our children....not just academically, but they had a real understanding of their personalities, their strengths and weaknesses, and just the little nuances about them that many don't take the time to learn......I know from experience that is not always the case, and thank God every day that He put our children in such outstanding hands for the time we are away from them!!
Alex was in his school music program last week....It was on Nov. 11th (Veteran's Day) and was a tribute to Veteran's...It was a really marvelous program. (Yet another reason we love our school....stupendous music teacher!!) Alex had a line and sang and danced on stage with his class. We have pretty much decided he should stick with sports..(not that he didn't do a great job, he did remarkable)...but he looked at me during the performance and rolled his eyes at least 4 times while dancing.....HA!


Well I think that about covers last week....needless to say it was a busy week....(4 football games, a school program, parent/teacher conferences, and I finished two Christmas dresses for Kate! shew!!!)....Good thing it was daylight savings and I felt like I got an extra bit of time every day!!!

OH...and I almost forgot!!! Got a call from school last Tuesday and Nathan had fallen and split his head open....had to take him for staples..gotta go have them taken out today.

Ready for this week to start!!! we go!


Erin said...

i have enjoyed reading your posts~ we are finishing up football and starting basketball too! sometimes i feel like we live quite similar lives~ minus that baby girl! i too am super blessed with my boys teachers! i am thankful for blog friends and irl friends! too bad y'all don't live closer~ i could see us totally hanging out! have an awesome week liz~ much love and blessings~ erin

Jen said...

Great job with posting everyday! There was NO way I could do that this year. Heck, I can hardly post once a week. I need to get way better with that because I really do love blogging.

As usual totally cute pictures!