Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't just Grab things Willy Nilly

As I passed by the T.V. this morning I heard a woman say....

"Don't Just go Grabbing Things all Willy Nilly"

Needless to say, it caught my attention. Maybe or maybe not for the reasons you think.......ahem
Turns out,
it was a very serious segment on the "Today Show" about "How to Survive Black Friday"
(You Know, because "Grabbing things all Willy Nilly" can be a life or death situation ..AND you definitely need a whole segment on the subject AND and a survival guide to make it through! The unfortunate woman assigned to do the report actually used the term "Willy Nilly" TWICE during the interview....poor thing....somebody should have given her the "Cut it out" sign after the first time she said it....)

I digress...

I didn't have time to sit down and listen to all of the brilliant advice, so I went to the "Today Show" website ( I like to be thorough) and found an article called "Brave Black Friday Wisely", where the author gives you 10 tips for how to survive Black Friday unscathed.
Really? We need a survival guide for how to shop...and how to be "brave" while doing it? Don't get me wrong...I like love to shop, and I definitely like a good deal....BUT, Not even once have I asked God for bravery before a trip to "Toys R Us".

Maybe the survival guide should read a little more like this:
"How to avoid being trampled on, or thrown over the toy aisle as you dive for the last Zhu Zhu Pet"

Now that is something I could use.

I for one am going to avoid the long lines, rude, pushy people, and overcrowded, claustrophobic stores....In fact I am going to participate in the "Buy Nothing Day" on Facebook sponsored by AdBusters
How about you?



Kelly said...

no black Friday shopping for me! I would rather wait for Cyber Monday! More my style! Shopping with my coffee at home!

the little dragonfly said...

we will be out in the TX Hill Country MILES and MILES from the nearest mall... but I have NEVER been on to brave the craziness of Black Friday. It really sucks all of the Christmas spirit out of the whole holiday to see people being so stupid about deals! They have however said that many of the instore deals will go online hours before they do in the stores... that is more of my kinda frenzy!

He & Me + 3 said...

I shop...but I go with a list and I stick to it. I map out my destinations before I head out the door. My mom goes with me and stands in line too. It is a great system. There are a few stores I never brave on Black Friday though...Scary.

Honey Mommy said...

Probably not. We sometimes hit the stores later in the day to see if we find anything we want, but I just don't do the craziness. It's not worth it!