Thursday, September 8, 2011

Good Times with Good Friends

I love my best friends....My #1 best friend is my husband....but I also have 4 best friends who also call me "sister", bff's from childhood, those from college, and those I have met in recent years...A best friend is hard to find....I am lucky enough to have several best girlfriends who I can confide in, feel comfortable with in every way, who I can talk to for hours on end and don't even know a minute has past, and who most of all love me for who I am....I have been blessed beyond measure!

To make things even better, I have a best friend who moved in to my neighborhood a month ago. She lives one street over, has 3 amazing babies, and brings so much joy to my life! Here we are with ALL of our babies at the zoo....What a fun time in my life...I'm trying not to blink...I don't want it to be over!


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