Monday, January 10, 2011

No Snow Day

There is a dusting of snow at our house....

but not enough for sledding :*(

All 4 boys got sleds for Christmas. They can't wait to use them. In fact, they pulled out the sleds last night in anticipation of a snow day. When they awoke this morning I could hear them rattling around the windows looking for piles and piles of snow. They were definitely disappointed. It's snowing as I write, so maybe by this afternoon there will be enough for a little sledding and sliding!



Shonni said...

We were suppose to get a lot of snow, but then it only snowed a little bit. Here in our part of CO we have had a very dry winter!!

Stephanie said...

We got a ton - well a ton for SC. We have at least 6 inches if not more. Very powdery and messy!!!! Still frigid so nothing has melted at all.

Following HIM said...

We got 2 inches on Sunday and my brother's school was delayed. That's it! North of here got slammed though! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog design!