Friday, September 10, 2010

Kate is One!

My sweet MIL let me borrow a laptop of hers and now I am back online!....And just in time for Kate's birthday party....Our little Katybug turned one yesterday and we had a ladybug birthday party was exhausting and fun...She loved the cake and carrying around the boxes of presents.....She looked adorable in her tutu......What a blessing she is! So fun to experience the girl side of things.....was our first event with pink wrapping paper! :)

Kate likes cake----in retrospect a red cake may not have been the best the end she looked like she was covered in brother kept making references to Dances with Wolves---y/k when he eats the buffalo heart....HA!

The "hors d'vor" table

Some decorations

The cakes! I made both from scratch. It was challenging and being creative.

Kate is excited!

TUTU girl

love her little butt in the tutu

Presents----notice she is holding a Diego toy.....which is currently Brian's favorite toy....she was SOOO excited to get a hold of it, she paid no attention to the present opening!

Rocking Lamb from Gramma N.....Kate is not real sure about it yet.....thinks it is a dog and keeps barking at it :)
Time for cake!

She loved it!

Really loved it :)

Happy Birthday to my amazing, sweet, sassy, super walking, curly haired, silly, funny girl...We are all so blessed to have you in our lives.....LOVE YOU!


Walking With The Wheats said...

Love the cakes! My little girl turns one next month and I would like to make hers, did you use fondant already made/did you make it homemade? Any tricks?

Following HIM said...

Absolutly precious! Can't believe Kate is already one! Adorable picts!

He & Me + 3 said...

Those pictures are great. I love the red face and the red bum.
Happy Birthday Kate.

Jen said...

Wow that year went fast!! Her cake was adorable and as always thank you so much for the pictures! She is so stinking cute!

Tracy said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Beautiful Lady bug cakes and Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Great photos!
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my WW People Art post! I'm your newest GFC follower!
Follow back if you'd like!
Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"