Friday, August 28, 2009

Not much to report! +first day of school pics

Not much to report from my doctor's appt. today....I am a little more effaced, dialated about the same, and she has dropped quite a bit-----which explains why my heartburn has subsided (for the most part!) Just playing the waiting game for now....12 days until the doctor will induce.......wishing all these braxton hicks would turn into something more exciting!
On another note, here are some pics from the first day of school....finally uploaded them after two weeks! It's not like me to wait that long, but I've got better things to nesting and napping!! I always love photos with school buses in the background...such great color!


Stephanie said...

I'm so excited to see the little girl! Is Daddy excited yet? David couldn't wait to hold that little girl in his arms :) Makes me wanna have another..okay well until I think about them turning 2 it does :)

Love your back to school pictures....they'll have a wonderful year!

Octamom said...

Best wishes as you head into the homestretch! Love the school pics!


Stacy said...

I know everyone is getting excited waiting on baby girl!

The pictures look great!

heidi said...

Hope you're holding your princess soon! Great pics of the boys - they're so handsome!