Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday! and a couple of prayer requests

First, I'll start out with my prayer requests....

This is my beautiful Gramma, or "G.G."(Great Gramma) to my boys--- She had a small stroke on Saturday and is in the hospital. She has lost use of her leg and some use of her arm, but her mind is apparently still sharp. She told the doctor that if she could take two steps she was outta there (there being the hospital)....and then when she couldn't take two steps she guessed she's stay but only if they got her a room by 4:30 so she could watch the game....(she is a complete fanatic for all sports---hmmm I guess it's genetic!)

So, please pray for her recovery. Her body has been falling apart for several years, but her mind is extremely sharp. She wants to stay in her home, so please pray that our family can figure out a way to make that possible.

The other prayer request is for Nick. He has had a hoarse voice for several years, but lately it has been getting worse. We have seen an ENT and he was scoped. His vocal cords were normal and healthy. Our doctor thought he might have allergies. He has been on allergy meds for awhile, but his voice is still bad. We are seeing a GI doc tomorrow to determine if he has reflux. Apparently the testing for that is not very much fun. Please pray for bravery for him and his mama and that everything goes smoothly!

Okie dokie...... So on to the Not Me's......Being brutally honest and living to tell about it... To see more Not Me's visit MckMama

This week:

I haven't blocked out most of this week in hopes of not remembering the National Championship game on Thursday night. Seriously I am having a really hard time remembering anything from last week.....Denial is not just a river in Egypt....tee hee.
Apparently my brother Brett is also in denial, since I haven't heard anything from him since the game...Either that or his girlfriend locked him away in a mental institution---(due to football depression....;)

I am not excited for my cousin Erin, because her husband is not coming home Tuesday after a tour in Iraq.

I am not happy and sad at the same time that Prince Charming is very officially back to work and out of town 3 days this week.

I am not planning to watch 5 or 6 DVR'd T.V. shows today and tonight (Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, etc etc...yea!) since Prince Charming isn't here and he won't know when or if the dishes got done---not that he cares...but I don't want him to think I just sit around blogging and watching TV all day! HA---If only!

I am not pooped out from all the diarrhea at my house....Nathan is going on day 5 and Brian day 2....hey, at least it's not all 4!...YET!

Alex is "The Friend of the Week" at school and I did not attempt to add a really cute naked baby picture to his "All About Me" poster only to hear shouts of "NO WAY MOM!"...ya know cause he's never embarassed by things like that....why wouldn't he want to show a cute naked baby picture of himself....he was soooooo adorable!!!!! I just can't understand it! ----If I had the picture on my computer I would show it to you....but that photo was from before my "digital days"....

That's it for me this week.....have a good one ya'll!



Following Him said...

Prayers go out to your G.G. and Nick! No testing is fun. Love your NMM and am laughing at what Alex said! Your boys are so HANDSOME!!!

Anonymous said...

I will be saying extra prayers for your G.G. and I will be praying for Nick's doctor's appointment. Great NM's

Jane Anne said...

SO, your post brought tears to my eyes... too many things I could relate to! My dad had a stroke 6 years ago. He is a survivor. I just said a prayer for your GG. My niece has trouble with reflux and has been through those tests. I said a prayer for your Nick, too. And, lastly, that such great news about Erin!! My hubby was deployed to Iraq for a year and those emotions never leave you. Happy Homecoming to Erin and her family!!
One more thing -sorry about your loss (that's the BCS one).

He And Me + 3 said...

I will be praying. Sorry to hear that your house is so poopy this week. Hope that it gets better soon. Better than coming out the other way. I hate that. It's ok to blog & watch tv all day. LOL you are staying out of the malls that way. See win win!

Elaine A. said...

Hehe. You said "pooped out" from all the diarrhea! Good one! ; )

Seriously, prayers for your Grandmother and your little guy.

Mel said...

Will certainly keep your Grandma and Nick in our prayers! Love, Mel

heidi said...

(((Nick))) ((GG)) (((Liz)))

Tracey said...

I will certainly keep you family in my prayers. I hope they are on the mend soon. I love your "pooped out" comment too! It cracked me up! I left something on my blog for ya! Swing on by when you can!

The Thompson's said...


We are praying for GG and your husband. We trust that God will take both of them in the palm of his hand and heal them of their difficulties. Your entire family will be in our prayers.

God Bless,


Jennifer said...

Will be praing for your Grandma and sweet Nick, and YOU! Blessings for better days ahead...


Kathy said...

In prayer as well...

Praying you find comfort in knowing you and your family are being lifted up